I Allow Myself to Be…..

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I allow myself to just “Be”

As a child, I was given the responsibility to do things. To help siblings with their Studies, to help Mother with the household chores. Do this and do that…. By the time I was 14 years old, I was cooking.. and helping mom take care of everything. For a long time I was in a “doing” mode when it came to every area of my life. I was either “doing: or “trying to do”. 

At the age of 23, I knew i was going to help others change their lives. Help them lead a life aligned to their highest good, aligned to their Spiritual growth.. Do you see the pattern?? I was still in the “Doing” mode… 

The Last one week, when i was training as a Heal Your Life Coach, I was still coming from the same space… I am going to try to be a great coach… I am going to help people to create wonderful changes in their lives.. Still doing and doing and doing some more.

And then came the Express Coaching sessions and conversations with some wonderful and evolved co participants who held a Mirror each time and reflected back my Inner Child to me.. And my Inner Child, this Beautiful, powerful knowing, loving accepting Beautiful inner child of mine was in a place of constant pressure of doing. She was exhausted. The realisation dawned on me.. 

I was doing things to please others, I was doing things to help others. I was doing things because it was expected out of me. I was doing a lot because of my own expectations. So much happening inside of me! No wonder my Inner child wasn’t feeling safe and she protected me by placing layers and layers of fat. That answered my pressing concern regarding health. But what do i do next?? See there it popped its head again! 

The Training progressed. I was learning so much each day.. Now i gotta “do” something good with all that knowledge .. And i tried “doing” when i started with the final rounds of coaching session and I flopped! But I am quick learner you see. I saw what I was “doing” And I decided, then, no more…

And something happened next.. I gave myself permission to just “Be” . And when i channelised that “Being” in the closing ceremony, the whole circle came together. Everything fell into place. Each and everything that was happening, each experiences I had till then.. Everything just clicked. 

What shifted? Only my willingness to Be… and not Do. 

Its sometimes that simple a lesson. But they just make an astonishing shift in your life. When I let go of the doing and allowed myself to be, the “Being” became One with my ” Am” and it resulted in a shift in reality. 

I feel like a burden has lifted. My inner child is free to just “Be” and in doing so she is creating what she has always intended.. My reality for my highest good. I can feel her inside me, feeling safer and I can feel that something good is unfolding itself in my health too.. And in this moment, I allow it to Be.

I also learned something of great importance. A great coach is someone who lets go of their agenda and is willing to just Be Present to the needs of the client. And I allow myself to “Be” in that aspect too.

” I love myself just the way I am and therefore I let go of the need to “Do” and allow myself to “Be” Be come the reality I am seeking as it already exists. I love myself so I trust my inner wisdom and inner knowing to guide me on the right path always and in all ways. I love myself  so I celebrate who I am and where I am right now for as I let myself “BE” in this moment, I relax and allow my Inner child to feel safe. And as I allow, all the good flows to me. As I allow myself to Be, I heal at the deepest Level. And so it is!

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