Some Experiences
Shared By Participants

An extremely enriching and rewarding experience that makes you more self aware. It keeps you in touch with all you need for self development – YOURSELF! Thank you for the magic and the tools.

Kavita Kapoor

My life is filled with gratitude today for the confidence I have in all situations. I am easily able to call upon all the tools that I have and am effectively using the power within me. I feel such a sense of peace and gratitude. The changes I have felt in exactly this one year is unimaginable

– SP

I feel short of words to express my gratitude for this life changing workshop. I feel that it has so much practical application!

Nirmal Raut

Big shift in my career and finances. Recognition, increments, promotions, foreign postings, I’ve got them all in this last one year. Things I had never even dared dream of. Cant thank you enough. I am a proof of your work

– GD

It has been a wonderful session of 2 days. I came to understand the inner layers of my thought process. I recommend this to everybody!

Sunil Gupta

The benefits of the workshop are still unfolding for me after several months. Relationships at home are marvellous. Life is getting more and more beautiful each day, with new and lovely surprises. I love life now, Thanks.

– SB

Thank you so much, for the wonderful workshop on Heal Your Life. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel very positive after attending and I see all the negatives dissolving. I feel great about myself and others. I am finally ready to love, accept, respect and forgive myself and others. This workshop has given me a renewed sense of hope, confidence, positivity and peace.

I know as I leave this place, I am taking a NEW ME with me. I love myself. This is my NEW LIFE.

Thanks Again!

Daya Hadavale

The whole process of rediscovering myself is amazing. Each and every exercise brought out so much change in me. I am ‘Relaxed’ and at ‘Peace’ with myself.

Preeti Saraf

The workshop helped me to understand myself better and coming out of the vicious circle of thoughts and self blame. Relationship exercise and affirmation bath are two things I liked the most. Be happy, accept things, love myself and give priority to myself is what I am taking away from the workshop.

Ajay Badamikar

It gave me a stronger conviction that it is okay to be what you are and how you are. The meditations, the music, the people around and every part of workshop was great. The safety, the trust and comfort here was amazing.


It gives me a immense pleasure to be a part of this workshop. After attending your workshop I have started loving myself more, and understanding what I want.
Being yourself  happy rather than thinking of others.

Thank you for the wonderful workshop. It helped me to increase my confidence and trust. Now I see positivity around me. Now I think can have positive influence on people and can create wonders. I already see my relationships improve and feel confident to achieve great goals. Thank you!

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