Does your husband make you happy?

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A wife when asked

“Does your husband make you happy?”

answered the question with a resounding “NO.” “No, my husband does not make me happy!!” 

She continued..

“My husband never made me happy, and he does not make me happy..

I AM happy.”

“Whether I am happy or not is dependent not on him, but on me. I am the only person on whom my happiness depends.

I choose to be happy in every situation and every moment of my life, for if my happiness depended on another person, thing or circumstance, I would be in serious trouble.

I decide to be happy regardless of anything else that happens. 

When I release my husband and anyone else from this obligation, I free them from the burden of carrying me on their shoulders. It makes everyone’s life much lighter.

And that’s how I’ve had a successful marriage for so many years.”..


As Louise Hay says, only YOU are responsible for all your life experiences. The mind is capable of making heaven of hell, or hell of heaven. Depends on what you choose to focus your attention on. When we focus our attention on the negative, we create more of those experiences. Instead when we choose to focus on what is going well, being grateful, letting go of expectations, forgiving past hurts and disappointments, it releases us to be free and happy. 

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