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Atma namaste to all.

Louise Hay has passed on to us such wonderful wisdom of healing ourselves with the greatest force called ” LOVE”.

It is time to look inside and identify every small and little unhealed part of ourselves, as we identify and acknowledge send bucket full of love everyday till it’s healed, whole and complete.

Louise says: ” I love with wisdom. I nurture and support others as much as I nurture and support myself.”

Now I would like to add channeled message from st. Padre pio (through Auto writing)which says we have greatest healing power of love. It resonates so much with our dear louise’s teaching. I feel blessed to have awareness and opportunity to spread love.

#Channeled message from st.padre through Auto Writing#


       Acknowledge every small little wounds and pain(physically or emotionally). Pay attention to every hurt and send love. My dear child I embrace you to my loving healing energy as you are willing to heal every unhealed part of yourself.

Love is the greatest healing force we have in the universe. Love – compassion- acceptance- mercy- healing.

As you read this you are activating healing energy i send through you…

Give and receive lots of love

💚Gratitude and healing love.💚


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